Hello everyone! I’m Shawn.

Hello everyone! I’m Shawn. 19 weeks of fun has passed at Jurong Frog Farm and my internship has come to an end. Working at the farm has been a pleasant experience. For my first few weeks, I was lucky enough to be working with Jackson, Caleb and Herman. As I was new at that time, I took some of the easier jobs like guiding people to the shop and telling them where to park their cars. I also learned how to host a tour for the farm. However, near the end of April, I had to go for a surgery for a condition I had and was out of commission for a month.

I came back after I felt much better and was welcomed back by my colleagues, which I am grateful for. It was the June Holidays period when I came back, though because of the Covid situation it was relatively empty. Still, I had to learn how to operate as a cashier as well as relearn the points of the tour as well as what to say for certain items. I learned a lot about farms and how much goes in to maintaining one (I cannot imagine how much morebusier the farm could have been!)

Apart from doing tours and working the cashier, I also helped to create graphics for the farm. Through feedbacks from Chelsea, I was able to reinforce my knowledge on what was needed when designing graphics. Through this internship, working with my colleagues, supervisors, and the workers, I had a lot of fun working at the farm and learnt many things from them and I am grateful for having the opportunity to work at the farm.

Croaking away,
Shawn Lim Zi Wei