It all started in 1997, when our founder Mr Wan started researching into American Bullfrog oviducts. It took him 2 years before he perfected a recipe for processing this offcut into our now popular Specially Selected Dried Hashima by trawling through books and trials and error with different equipment and processes.

Chelsea, his youngest daughter, took an interest in the family business and dedicated 13 years looking for collaborators to bring innovations to the market.

The JFF Zero Waste Roadmap documents more than 30 years of combined efforts in R&D. On this note, we would like to thank all our partners who have contributed to this journey.

3 R's effort
in packaging

A Green Incentive Rebate Scheme was introduced in 2014 to incentivise customers to reuse cooler bags & styrofoam boxes. 

This greatly reduces the amount of single-use plastic packaging.

Since then,

1000 +
Plastic containers

for frog feed 


1 +
Styrofoam Boxes


Future Opportunities to
Increase Sustainability

To achieve a 100% ZERO WASTE outcome,

the adoption of a biodigester was inevitable.


The remaining of the offcuts & sludge from wastewater

 will be converted into biofuel & compost.

Exploring the potential of incorporating

frog skin lipids into skin care products.

Sharing is Caring