Live Salt Water Vannamei Prawns – Fresh Chilled 1 kg

$34.90 $28.00

*Note: Delivery for new orders will available only on  30th July.
We have closed pre-orders for 23th July’s batch clearance.*

Minimum 2 packets for a free cooler bag and free delivery by checking out with coupon code [ PrawnDELFOC ] !

Same day harvest and delivery of 100% naturally reared live salt water Vannamei Prawns from local farm. Farmer clearing out ponds for commercial breeding!

Prawns can be steamed with chilli and garlic or added into soups, stir- fried with black pepper sauce for that extra punch!

Each box of freshly packed prawns will be chilled in ice and deliver straight to you after harvesting at 10am.

$28/ 1kg packet ( 40 to 50 pieces)



Available on back-order

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