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Our local American Bullfrogs are fed on a high-protein diet and are reared without any use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids. we employ a quick-freeze method in a -18 degrees Cold Room to ensure freshness and sterilization.

Nutritional contents: Low fat, high protein,High selenium (Contains detoxifying properties and recommended for people with allergies)

Our JFF Premium Deboned Frog Legs 300g is:

  • Completely boneless and consist of raw meat from thigh/calves only
  • Quick frozen to lock-in nutrients during packaging process
  • Suitable for BBQ/fry, steaming, soup, porridge

裕廊牛蛙场的牛蛙是不含有抗生素,荷尔蒙, 激素等. 营养成分: 低脂肪, 高蛋白质. 有排毒的作用.

Country of Origin

Keep Frozen at -18°C

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  1. wondermesh (verified owner)

    excellent item, I am going to repeat the orders again.

  2. et (verified owner)

    I bought the dog frog mince for my dog and also bought some of this to add in and also to cook for myself. The frog meat is fresh and de-boned is much easier to cook. Saves lots of time with this pack!

  3. reneechua91 (verified owner)

    my first purchase i bought 10pkt of Frog leg. well pack and fresh. my dog love it.
    will purchase again.

  4. m_wcf (verified owner)

    Bought to make treats for my dogs, much cheaper than buying it from treats shops. Fresh and worth the time doing it for my dogs. Will continue to get from here.

  5. angela_ailee (verified owner)

    The frog legs were cleanly and neatly packaged. The meat was really tender, juicy and fresh. It was so delicious. Will definitely order them again 🙂

  6. Lingqin Zheng (verified owner)

    Bought 10 packs for my cat with suspected food allergy. I’ve tried Royal Canin Anallergic and Zealandia Kangaroo Canned Food but she went on hunger strike. Thus, I’ve decided to try frog meat, and she ate it well. I’ll continue to put her on frog meat.

  7. Melanie Song (verified owner)

    Frog came very clean and well-packed. Cooked it on the same day of arrival. Meat was very fresh and tender. Will definitely order again.

  8. Adeline (verified owner)

    Dehydrating the frog meat for dog training treats as he is on the elimination diet and only able to eat frog meat at the moment. Very easy to use the scissors to cut into smaller bits. Will buy again to make more training treats.

  9. Mr Ng (verified owner)

    Frog meat is highly recommended for our four legged best friends who are allergic to other meat sources. This is human grade and hence top quality. The deboning makes it easy to divide into smaller portions.

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