GROW A TADPOLE (GAT) EXPERIENCE – Currently Unavailable


GROW A TADPOLE (GAT) EXPERIENCE: is currently unavailable. To register your interest in adopting a tadpole or froglet, kindly email or leave a contact with us and we will contact you once we are able to!

A shout out to all frog lovers who would croak with excitement at the oppprtunity to grow out your own set of tadpoles over a 3 months period. Receive a GAT KIT sent to your doorsteps for an early frog price of $38. This promotion is only valid for sign ups in September 2020 only.

What is in this GAT KIT?
✔  A Tank of 4 American Bullfrog tadpoles
✔ A bag of Capatta Leaves
✔ Fish meat base pallets supply for the tadpoles
✔ An online debrief session at your convenience to kickstart your journey!
✔ (Almost) 24/7 chatline Tadpole Survival Support group

What we will need from you.
↗️ 5 mins daily to check on water quality, change or top up water, feeding and observe the growth!
↗️take a Pic of your tank of tadpoles once a week (these pictures will be compiled into a collage at the end of the course)

SHARE AND PM with your name, contact no, email address to register for this exciting journey to be share among the family members! Everyone can contribute to this metamorphosis! 🐸💚

🚫 NEVER release these tadpoles or frogs to the wild! These are not native species and will challenge the survival of our local frogs!

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