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Farm fresh Tilapias are bred and reared at the farm in our fresh water reservoir.

The fishes are reared on a high protein fish meat pellets. Usual concerns of fresh-water tilapia tasting like mud, fret not. JFF guarantees the freshness and taste of our fresh produce!

A pale pink will indicate a clean taste whereas a dark pink to red color will indicate otherwise.

Source: LOCAL

Keep Frozen at -18°C or 0 to 4°C Chilled

Nutritional content:

    • High in vitamins A, B, and D
    • High in glycine
    • High in arachidonic acid
    • Low mercury content

裕廊牛蛙场的泥罗红是吃具有高蛋白质的鱼肉来饲养的.营养成分: 含有丰富的维生素 A, B, D。

Please note that customers will be charged based on the weight of fish. Do refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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