Spring Onion Ginger Garlic Frog legs

Spring Onion Ginger Garlic Frog legs made easy with Shermay’s Sauce now retailing on the farm and online store. 

This sauce is Halal-Certified. Vegan. No MSG. No Gluten. No Artificial Colouring. Non-GMO.

This is a 3 steps recipe which takes no more than 10 minutes to cook!

Step 1:  Marinated  fresh frog legs with Shermay’s Ginger Garlic Sauce, salt, pepper and some sesame oil over night.

Step 2: Pan fry the marinated frog legs over medium meat until brown.

Step 3: Serve warm with an extra few table spoonfuls of Shermay’s Ginger Garlic dipping sauce.

Bon appétit!

Spring Onion Frog Legs Shermay's Sauce Recipe Organic
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