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Sign up for Gabbe’s Adventure where young children get to learn more about the magical world of American Bullfrogs through their 6 senses (6th Sense -> their imagination!)!
They will immerse themselves in the adventure of the Frog Prince in the Frog Forest through a story telling and gain an appreciation for frogs in our environment! Finally, they can put their frogs/ tadpoles catching skills to the test in a “Catch-A-Tadpole” Activity!


  1. Welcome by in house guide and brief history of JFF
  2. Story telling: The Prince & the Frog Forest
  3. Get slimy in our ‘Hands-on-Frogs’ Show & Tell session
  4. Try balancing a full grown American bullfrog on your head and have your photograph taken! *Farmers’ Hat will be provided
  5. Frog Feed will be provided for a Frog Feeding Frenzy
  6. Chronicle of Gabbe’s Life Cycle
  7. Catch (& release) -A-Tadpole activity & Learn how to take care of tadpoles

Price: $18/pax

Duration: 75 mins

Sampling of produce: NIL

Souvenirs: FROGGIE HEADBAND. Choice of RIBBON or CROWN design.

Recommended for:
Preschools to lower primary school (Recommended for ages between  2 to 8 years old)

*Minimum: 20 pax
Maximum: 60 pax/ session to be split into up to 3 groups each led by 1 guide. Each group will then further divide into subgroups of 5-8pax to comply with the current safety management measures.

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