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Are you organizing a Learning Journey on the American Bullfrogs for your students? School of frogs includes herpetology content that consists of a comprehensive tour that allows all participants to touch, hear, learn and interact with the American Bullfrogs. It comes with an Activity Booklet or hands out for participants to jot down their findings from the life cycle to the impact of our environment on these green hoppers!


  1. Welcome by in house guide and brief history of JFF
  2. School of Frogs Presentation
  3. Short clip on dietary preference of the American Bullfrogs
  4. Frog Quiz (with prizes included)
  5. Chronicle of Gabbe’s Life Cycle
  6. Get Slimy in our ‘Hands-on-Frogs’ Show & Tell session
  7. Try balancing a full grown American bullfrog on your head and have your photograph taken! *Farmers’ Hat will be provided.
  8. Frog Feed will be provided for a Frog Feeding Frenzy
  9. Q&A

Price: $15 /pax

Duration: 90 mins

Sampling of produce: Nil

Souvenirs: JFF Activity Booklet

Option of JFF Royal Headband OR Collagreen Mosquito Repelling Moisturiser fortified with Bioactive Collagen (25ml) with addition of $3 per pax

Recommended for:
Primary Schools/ Student Care centres/ Elective groups

*Minimum: 20 pax
Maximum: 90 pax/ session


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