Wilson’s First Week Testimonial

My first week at Jurong Frog Farm so far has been an eye-opening experience. Being constantly surrounded by high rise buildings and bustling traffic in my everyday life, this internship at the farm gave me a valuable opportunity to immerse myself in a fresh scene. I understand that not many people have the chance to work in a farm environment and I am of no exception. Being a nature lover myself, I am glad to be working in an atmosphere where I’m surrounded by flora and fauna. I am able to learn new things everyday like how a farm operates and the continuous effort it takes to maintain it. Apart from that, I also learnt new skills such as cashiering. I enjoyed my work in the Royal Frog shop very much, especially interacting with people from all walks of life. I find joy in forging bonds with the customers and it really satisfies me when they leave the farm with a smile. However, since it is only my first week working at JFF, I believe I will have much more to learn and I definitely look forward to many more new experiences to come.

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