Meet Darren, our 22-year-old intern from #SMU

Meet Darren, a 22-year-old #SMU undergraduate who is spending his summer break interning at the farm. Part business student, part frog wizard, and all passionate about life, hear why he choose Jurong Frog Farm to learn lessons beyond the classroom.

I had to first identify the good and bad of the previous website, finding out what worked and what didn’t for the company. I then re-structured and organised content into different categories, such that navigating through the website was more seamless. Taking reference from other websites that are commonly used as models to learn from, I sieved out the key things that could be applied to the company’s website. Once the content was uploaded, I approached a number of people to feedback on what could be improved and what needs changing. This allowed me to better suit the user experience to a wider audience. When on-site, I realised that the pricing of certain products were not benefitting the company. The sales of one product was cannibalising the sales of the other. I brought up the situation to my superior and we had a change of pricing. This led to an increase in sales of both products. The product was also sold as a package that encouraged returning customers. Collecting images was the first step to improving on the visuals for the company. I’ve had some experience with photography and put that to use. Along the course of the internship, I picked up photoshop and learnt as I edited photos, creating pictures and graphics that could be used for our website, brochures, social media account and all marketing related items. I’ve also sought help from a social media company that the company later engaged and went on to improve on my skills to fine tune what I could offer to Jurong Frog Farm.

I’ve learnt that executing plans aren’t usually as smooth as I’d thought they’d be without proper planning. Time has to be allocated to a certain project and the success of it depends on the execution as much as it does on the preparation leading up to it. I’ve definitely witnessed excellent planning and experienced poorer ones. These occasions have given me great examples on good planning and provided me with a model from what can be improved on when it comes to my own planning.

Not all plans go well and more often not, we do experience failure. What’s important is not to forget about these failures, but to figure out what went wrong and to prevent them from occurring again. Jurong Frog Farm was very welcoming to interns and gave me a chance to demonstrate my capabilities whilst pointing out what I could improve on. They weren’t afraid to give me bigger tasks and valued my opinions which provided me with more opportunities to further my growth. 

I would strongly recommend Jurong Frog Farm for future interns looking to grow themselves.

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