Fun With Frogs

Fun with Frogs

A fun program for all ages. Be thrilled by the fascinating kingdom of American Bullfrogs and find out what a Frog Farmer has to do to survive in a city-state like Singapore. After which, get hands on with our friendly amphibians, feed our hungry frogs and let Gabbe show you his life cycle. 


  1. Welcome by in house guide and brief history of JFF
  2. Short clip on dietary preference of the American Bullfrogs
  3. Meet Gabbe’s folks through a ‘Hands-on-Frogs’ Show & Tell session
  4. Try balancing a full grown American Bullfrog on your head and have your photograph taken! *Farmer’s hat will be provided*
  5. Frog Feeding Frenzy
  6. Chronicle of Gabbe’s Life Cycle
  7. Q&A

Price: $15/pax

Duration: 60 mins

All age groups.

*Minimum – 20 pax, Maximum – 150 pax/session

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