Protecting our Frogs and Ecosystem

Hi all Frog lovers! Frog boy is here!

Recently as I was at a reservoir taking a stroll, I saw a family releasing 2 American Bullfrogs into the reservoir. Well, I understand some release animals to the reservoir due to their beliefs of good will. But definitely not for american bull frogs as they are known as one of the most invasive species and it is a crime to release it to the reservoir.

Some people may ask ”why is it such a big deal?” It is because they are not native to our environment  and would cause damage to our ecosystem. American Bullfrogs preys and eats anything as long as it is able to fit into their big mouth. As compared to our frogs in Singapore, American Bull frogs are much larger and stronger which they will prey on our local frog and cause them to be at risk of extinction. This would affect the environment as our food chain would be broken where some animals are not able to find their food as there are no prey for them anymore. American Bullfrogs also reproduce rapidly which will cause other animals to lose their territory.

So peeps, please please please think again before releasing them into the wild or reservoir although it is of good will, but it causes great damage to the environment. If you would like to give away those American Bullfrogs/Tadpoles you are able to return them back to us or hand over to some people who will be responsible and aware of not setting it free to the wilds.

Lets all do our part to save our local frogs in Singapore!=)



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