FRACTS!: A mother’s day special: Mother Frogs

It is amazing how some frogs care for their young when frogs are generally known as ‘Cannibals’. There are quite a number of species of frogs that have their own ways of ‘parental care’ which is unusual and also interesting depending on how the anatomy of the frog (or toad) is OR just their own instinct. So, let’s learn more about them!

Marsupial Frogs (Gastrotheca)

Why are they named as ‘Marsupial’ Frogs? Well, the answer is obvious. Pouches, just like Kangaroos (eventhough is not really a real pouch for the marsupial frogs). About these amazing creatures in this frog kingdom, with the help of the male frog to gather as much eggs he can to relocate on the back of female frogs which the skin will then absorb the eggs into it to serve as a ‘pouch’ which is also known as the ‘dorsal brood pouch’. This method of ‘parental care’ is good because, usually many species of frogs left the eggs unattended in the wild and are expected to survive on their own since day one of hatching.

Giving you an example, one of the endangered species of the Marsupial Frog, Andean Marsupial Tree Frog. As the eggs are transferred to the back of the female frog and lasts for 5 to 6 weeks. During that point of time is when the eggs are ready to hatch into tadpoles inside the dorsal brood pouch of the mummy frog! Then, they are able to break out from the pouch of the female frog and continue their development from there where the metamorphosis will occur in a few weeks’ time!

Gastric-Brooding frog

Here comes my favourite part, the ‘mouth birthing’ of frogs. These frogs come with two different species Rheobatrachus silus and Rheobatrachus vitellinus, both can only be found in one place, Australia.

This is something that people should really appreciate this nature of animals, however, due to unknown reasons (more likely to be human intervention), both of the frogs with this kind of parental behavioural instinct are EXTINCT! But, the good news is that scientists are trying to ‘de-extinct’ them back to life!

As you can see from the 1st picture above, that is how the frogs care for its young. At first external fertilization will take place by the male, then the female would take the eggs or embryos into her mouth and swallow them. Most female frogs had around 40 ripe eggs, almost double that of the number of juveniles ever found in the stomach (21–26). This means one of two things, that the female fails to swallow all the eggs or the first few eggs to be swallowed are digested. But, the jelly coating of the eggs contains a substance that will help to stop the hydrochloric acid to digest the eggs. – Then when the hatches in to juveniles (or tadpoles), have this special mucus, to help to keep the mother’s stomach into a non-functional state. So, overtime the young developed in its mother’s body, her stomach grew larger and her lungs deflated and relies its skin to get oxygen to live [1].

Lets see how the mother frog sacrifice itself to care for her young and its body had to adapt just to bear her own children!


Glad you had enjoyed reading this article and thank you very much! Don’t forget to be kind to one another and love your mum for all the sacrifices she have made just to make you happy, live and grow. – Frosch


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My froggy Resources:

[1] : Tyler, M. J. (1994). Chapter 12, “Gastric Brooding Frogs”, pp. 135–140 in Australian Frogs A Natural History. Reed Books

Life stages of the American Bullfrogs in Jurong Frog Farm!

Have you ever visited JFF before? If not, hop on over this coming weekend!

Just last week we had a new harvest from our mating pairs of American Bullfrogs! Looks like chia seeds huh?

Frog Eggs

Then after a few days they began hatching into tiny tadpoles! They look like little grains of black glutinous rice with a tail, don’t they?

Baby Tadpoles

We also have 2 months tadpoles 7-10 cm in length from the CNY harvest. By the end of the 2nd month, they start to grow legs, firstly is the hind legs which takes one month to develop and another month for the forelegs to develop. Now this process is called Metamorphosis (refresher course for most of you!)


After metamorphosis, they begin the process of apoptosis where their tails start to shrink and disappear as they become fully developed baby frogs. Now this baby frogs can be rather jumpy. Just by waving your hand over them and they’ll start hoping and swimming all over the place!

Baby Frog

After about 5-6 more months these little frogs will have then grown into big versions of themselves! Now we have a few thousands of adults bullfrogs here in the farm. If you like you can get some frog feed here in the farm and feed them! You’ll be astonished at how fast they can gobble up their food in a single gulp! Watching them live in action definitely feels way more different then watching a video about the bullfrogs!

The Bullfrogs

So what are you waiting for?!
If you want to see these different life stages up close and personal, take a trip down to the farm this weekend!!

Now if this is your first time making a trip down to the farm, below are the different ways you can take to reach our farm!

Our address is JFF PTE LTD (Formerly known as Jurong Frog Farm) 51 (Plot 56) Lim Chu Kang Lane 6 Singapore 718864

Firstly by Driving if you have your own vehicle or getting a Taxi: Take PIE from city, EXIT 36 Jalan Bahar and Turn right. You will pass SCDF and the cemetery on your left. Travel another 8 km and turn right into Lim Chu Kang Lane 6. We are at Lamp Post 42. Travel time from Jalan Bahar: 10 minutes

Next by Kranji Countryside Express: The shuttle bus departs from Kranji MRT Station Berth 3, every day of the week. There will be a pillar showing the timetable of the bus arrivals. Also there’s a cost of $3 for adults and $1 each for elderly and children. The shuttle bus will stop inside our farm. Bus travel time: 30 minutes. (Link:

Lastly by Bus 975 from CCK, Opposite Lot 1 Shopping Mall, Bus stop. Bus will stop after Lim Chu Kang Lane 5. Walk about 1km (~12minutes) into the Lane 6. Travel Time: 30 minutes

The healthier choice of meat!

Greetings everyone, Sgt.Frog here!

So does everyone love spitting out frog bones from the body meat? Or just chewing on the succulent tender yummy frog legs?

Here at JFF we have plenty of choices of cuts of frogs for all frog meat lovers out there!
So it is said that Chinese have long believed frog meat is good for the health. It is also believed that it can purify the blood and is good for the complexion. (Definitely for the ladies out there!)

So here’s a quick link to our products! (Link:

So let’s go in-depth on some of our frog meat products!
First we have some frozen/ fresh frog legs that is unarguably the fleshier part of the frog! They are usually cooked in porridge or deep fried and served with some tangy dipping!

Next we have fresh frog meat, where it will consist of the body and legs of the frog. Now these are mostly chopped to smaller pieces and then cooked in various ways, including popular dishes like Frog porridge, Gong Bao frog legs and Steamed frog legs! (Yum!)

So how about for people that dislike the small bones when feasting on frog meat? Now last but not least, we have the frozen deboned frog meat which we can hardly produce enough to keep stock in our cold store! This deboned frog meat, besides being a popular option for babies food, it is also the favorite option for pets owners as it is way too convenient and the their pets can’t get enough of it!
Said to be very healthy, low allergen meat for dogs (esp those with skin conditions), the family dog we have here Bobby is a 13 yr old dog (Which is about 91 yrs in dog years, man those dog years are rough!) can still bark like a young puppy everyday!


So why frog meat? Basically for it’s low fat, sodium, calories, cholesterol content. This really makes frog meat a healthier choice of meat to consume! Also in the farm, the bullfrogs with have here are not given any antibiotics, hormones or steroids. This is to produce it in the most organic and natural way as possible.

Aside from getting the frog meat fresh from the farm, you can also call
For a delivery order fresh from
the farm at 6791 7229 or selected outlets In NTUC and Prime Supermarket also sell our frog meat products.
So what are you waiting for? Try frog meat today!

Fresh Frog Leg 100g vs Chicken Breast Meat (Marked and with Pictures) Revised 3rd

To our Founding Father of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

Greetings everyone, Sgt.Frog reporting in.

Today’s the day where our late founder and prime minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew will embark on his final journey throughout the now flourished Singapore that he envisioned.

This will be the last day for all Singaporeans to pay their final respects to the strong leader who had not only promised but delivered this commitment in his lifetime to make changes to Singapore but made it a better place for all Singaporeans and succeeded.

Mr. Lee will always be remembered as the founding father of Singapore and a great man, who has made hard and difficult decisions that may have seem unpopular and questionable to some but has made Singapore the thriving city it is today.

It’s raining pretty heavily on some parts on Singapore but it has not stopped any Singaporeans from paying their final respects to Mr. Lee on his last journey.

Mr. Lee, all of us at Jurong Frog Farm salute you for your relentlessness of actualizing your vision of a peaceful metropolis for Singapore.

With that,
Sgt.Frog signing out.

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Happy Children’s Day!!

children day promo 2014

It’s all about the children this weekend as we celebrate children’s day! JFF invites all children to our farm and explore the world of our amphibian friends. Our “Catch the Frog” pen will be opened to all children who are brave enough to hop in for a leaping good time! 🙂

In conjunction of this year Children’s Day and celebration Kranji Countryside Association (KCA) is back with our authentic Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market this coming Saturday and Sunday from 2-7pm. Watch this space as we roll out more details!!

Write and Win Contest!!

Testimonial box hashima promo

Calling all JFF friends! We are looking for interesting and heartfelt testimonials for our new JFF webpage and we need your help! Write us one testimonial on our Facebook wall and stand a chance to win a box of Premium Hashima with American Ginseng.  We will select 3 best written testimonials and they will be notified by personal inbox message! So let your creative juices flow!!

Introducing Charlane, JFF’s Frogician!!!

Greetings! I’m Charlane aka Frogician and I’m the newest addition to the Jurong Frog Farm (JFF).

You probably intrigued by the title of Frogician. As my aim as a tour guide would be to fascinate the participants who visit the farm like a magician would during performances. My hope is that it would delight the children to learn about the mesmerizing world of frogs.

Now, people are always curious to know why the decision to work at a farm.

Firstly, my job scope provides me a wide variety of opportunities to learn about entrepreneurial skills, operations and marketing strategies. These are valuable skills that can be hone only through on the job training.

At JFF, we run booked tours for children and it sparked an interest in me because of my love for young children. This will also allow me to use my training as an Early Childhood Educator to inspire children of all ages to have the love for continuous learning at our farm. As an educator, my wish for the children who come to visit will leave feeling that we have enriched their lives in a small way or another.

Last but not least, the farm attracts people from all walks of lives. I find it exciting to meet people and share interesting conversations. It is also a platform to communicate our knowledge about frogs and their beneficial uses.

I look forward to welcoming you to JFF with a magical tour!!



The Frogician

What’s happening on Vesak Day ?

It was indeed a busy day!


A group of cheery people A group of cheery people ^.^


I was conducting a tour for a group of girls as it was one of the girl’s birthday. What caught me by surprise was that they actually came down to have the birthday celebration. My perception of celebrating birthdays would be them going to Universal Studios Singapore, zoo, marine barrage for some picnic etc. I could not have thought they would come to the farm to celebrate. This is a simple thought for me-sometimes life can get so much better even with simple pleasure. We do not necessary have to spend a lot of money, neither do we have to go to some lavish restaurant.
A walk around the farm sounds pretty amazing too. 🙂

JFF not only Provides Luncheon on weekends but also on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!
Do come down to try our scrumptious luncheon!


Steam Frog Meat with Chicken Essence
Steamed Frog Meat with Chicken Essence

After such a long day, I’ve decided to have a drink outside of the shop and I realized how relaxing the place is..


Wedding Bells are ringing!!

Our Frogologist and her Frog Prince are getting married this Saturday! As she will be hosting her Solemnisation Party at JFF, we will be closed from 9-130pm. This will be a private event and only invited guests will be allowed through the gate!

This couple is very thankful for the support of this wedding celebration from the neighboring farms- Bollywood Veggies, Nyee pho Group, Blooms & Green. Thank you very much!!

Business will resume from 2 pm – 530pm this Sat ( Much thanks to our bevy of Frog Girls!!) and normal operating hours on Sunday. Thank you very much for your understanding! Feel free to call up 6791 7229 for assistance!

Have a great weekend ahead too, our Froggie friends!!

Kranji Express Shuttle Bus (NEW SCHEDULE)

Announcement to all JFF Visitors on the new bus schedule. Please visit us on any weekends or public holidays as our weekdays are strictly reserved for group bookings and purchases of products only! Thank you!