Fro, Puppy, and the Monitor Lizard

Hello! It’s me! Fro! Well, I’m back for the second month of my five-month internship.

A lot of things have happened since the last ‘monthsary’, and a lot of things will continue to happen from here on. It has been a fun and wacky month, I’ll say. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are the bits about retailing, customer service, tour guiding and more of the black and white on the table kind of stuff.

Then your day takes a twist that thriller movie enthusiasts will never expect – breaking up a fight between a dog and a monitor lizard. Then, to win a fight (or having lost horribly) the lizard leaves a tail behind as a souvenir and makes a break for the water.

Luckily Puppy (the resident dog) can’t swim, because I’m pretty sure not a lot of things can win a water fight with a monitor lizard in the water.
Unless it’s a bigger monitor lizard.

All the best, Fro.

Wei Lin (Fro)’s First Week Experience @ JFF

Hi! My name is Cheng Wei Lin, I’m a new intern at JFF. I’m from Republic Polytechnic’s School of Applied Sciences, currently studying under Environmental Science.

When I first came in, I thought that there would be lots of running like checking up on the frogs and catching the escaped frogs. Turns out the frogs can handle themselves very well, and their pens are hard to escape. I wanted to try and see if I can condition the frogs, but unlike Pavlov and his dogs, frogs are a lot less responsive (it’s not like I can see them salivate).

The hard work was to be expected, but it’s not any harder than helping out at my parent’s minimart. There are different products and different customers than what I am used to, but I feel that I am adapting ok here. Sure, it can be hot out, but nobody expects you to stand under the sun the whole day. Even the tours are conducted where it is sheltered! We understand that the customers don’t like the heat just as much as we do! But if it’s really hot, that’s even better! It means that I can tempt more people to buy our Hashima desert and local ice cream with a higher success rate. Mosquitoes? No worries, we have Bioactive Collagen Moisturizing Mosquito repellent. Every single person that walks into the store front is a potential customer which is why managing the store front is a good way to practice sales pitch, within the first minute you will know whether you have an interested customer or a tourist here to learn and experience. For someone interested in buying, they will usually have an upper limit for spending and certain target items they may want to buy. Those usually I will elaborate more on the products they are interested in, and tossing in a few other items to widen their choices selection. For those interested to learn and experience, I will usually start with fun facts and interesting information, including how it is sourced and handled to form the product they see before them.

Of course, there are sometimes the difficult customer that throws in a curve ball. One time a lady asked me on how to cook crocodile meat. I had to Google the answer, but luckily my supervisor Jackson saved me. That experience only thought me how little I actually know of my products. That very day I went home to ask my mother how to cook crocodile, venison, snakehead, tilapia, hashima and frog meat. That was also when I learnt that frog + bitter gourd soup is good for fighting dengue fever. I mean, I knew about the ‘frog meat is good for helping with skin issues’, but the dengue fever part was a real ‘WAIT, WHAT?!’ moment.

This is a professional business, so I can’t scare people with a villainous cackle, but I can’t wait to release that bit of information and watch their faces change. Muahahahahahaha~

With lots of love,