Frog Pops? It’s so delicious, so shiok that you’ll want more!

Hungry and feeling adventurous?

Get your Frog Pops!

It’s so delicious, so shiok that you’ll want more!

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As part of the 9th Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market, we are introducing a new dish
to our exotic menu; Frog Pops!

Each individual Frog Pop contains 100% frog meat with no additives and preservatives.
The meat is so fresh that you can taste its’ natural sweetness.

What’s even better is that it is served over a bed of organic salad that is locally sourced
from Quan Fa Organic Farm. Hey, we’re all about healthy eating and supporting
our fellow local farmers too!

The Frog Pops are rather time-consuming to process, so it’s unfortunate that we are
limited to only 50 servings per day at the 9th Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market.

So hurry and get your taste buds popping at our booth when you arrive!

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You can purchase these items at the Farmers’ Market

JFF Premium Farm Produce
Specially Selected Dried Hashima
Premium Hashima with American Ginseng
* Free Hashima sampling

JFF Fresh Farm Produce
Fresh Frog Legs (300g)
Frozen Crocodile Tail Meat (250g)

JFF Exotic Menu
Frog Pops (Limited Edition!)
Crispy Deep Fried Frog Meat
Crocodile Nuggets

*Free JFF balloons redeemable at Singapore Young Farmers (SYF) booth

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farmkers market 2017

Join us for a morning of (Froggy) ARTventure on 25th March 2017!


Register Now!

Kids love art & craft. Parents love educational materials. Nothing can beat the fun of creating your very own educational set through art & craft as a family. Together with Jurong Frog Farm, Project Y to Z are proud to present an educational workshop that introduces the life cycle of the frog through art & craft.

A picture tells a thousand words, “From E to F “(from Eggs to Frog) depicts the life cycle of the frog from eggs, tadpole, froglet to eventually adult frog through fun and interesting art & craft materials. To top it off, this could be a family bonding session where the whole family can participate in the workshop. Creating and bringing home the memory of what they learnt by in the tour with “From E to F” craft together as a family!

Date: 25 Mar 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm (Tour commences at 1030am)

Venue: Jurong Frog Farm – 56 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6, Singapore 719164

*Cost: Fun Tour – S$9 per Pax

“From E to F”- Art & Craft Workshop –S$25 per Craft

A minimum group size of 10 sign-ups in total will be required for the commencement for both the fun tour and craft workshop.*