FRACTS! : Flying Frogs?!?!?

Who says frogs can only just jump and swim only? There are quite a number of species of frogs are able to ‘fly’! Actually, they don’t really fly like birds flapping its wings, instead they glide through air or, some say ‘parachute’ to just move from one place to another or run away from harmful predators too.

This ridiculously photogenic creature above, is the Rhacophorus nigropalmatus aka the ‘Wallace’s Flying Frog’ or ‘Abah River flying frog’.

Native to the Malaysian Peninsula and Borneo in the dense part of the jungle, this frog is able to glide with the help by spreading its webbed feet on its fore legs and hind legs on air. So, when threatened, it spreads its webbed feet and catch as much air resistance as it can to help them glide over around 15 meters or more to another neighbouring tree branch or all the way to the ground. They also has oversized toe pads that help them to land without getting them to hurt and stick to tree trunks too. Talk about how amazing creature they can be!

Here is a video of the Wallace’s Flying Frog!



By Poorichote Chotipan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons (featured picture)

Azrul aka Frosch, your new helpful froggie guide hopping into Jurong Frog Farm!

Hi! My name is Muhammad Azrul aka Frosch, your helpful and hopefully (going to be) amazing froggie guide who has just hopped into Jurong Frog Farm! Frosch is a German word for Frog and also a character name of a cat disguised as a frog from an Anime series ‘Fairy Tail’. The reason why I choose that because the attributes of the cat is positive and happy-go-lucky like me!

My first week as an intern here can only be described as busy! I was kept occupied as there were just so many aspects of the business to learn. It was tiring and scary at first but I still keep my spirit up.

The first few days I felt pressurized with the amount of work needed to be done and especially afraid on conducting the tour all by myself. When I did my first dry run of the ‘Gabbe’s Adventure’ with Mr. Jackson at the “hands on the frog” station, I felt relieved and in fact quite proud that I have stepped out of my comfort zone with this public speaking challenge!

I was even tasked to explain about the parts of the frogs to the kids of Swiss School in Singapore. From that experience, I was sure I’ll be a better frog guide/host for future tours! I also learned about more different things in the retailing sector where I got to learn the use of the cash register and the website systems used to manage online orders and tour bookings.

All in all, the week was productive and I was greeted with smiling and friendly customers who were patient with me knowing that it was the first week of my internship!