If you are wondering where our froglets staff have hopped to, they are over at 240 Nyee Phoe Garden S(718898) where KCFM is!


Just look at the throng yesterday! Our popular deep fried frog meat was sold out at 430pm. Do come early today as we’ll start sales of frogs and crocodile tails on sticks, fresh produce and hashima products from 2-6pm!

imageIt’s also our first R&D effort of collaboration with Soi55, a team of young pretty capable ladies and 100 bottles of delicious and nourishing Thai Milk Tea were sold out before the clock ticked 6pm.

If you are one of those who love a good photo taking opportunity, look out for the beautifully decorated Photo Booth at the entrance of the marketplace1!

Look out for our booth at Marketplace 2 (next to Bollywood Veggies) later today!

Froglette’s Last Day of Work

Hi everybody! Froglette here, and it’s my last day of work already!! Here are my thoughts after being at JFF for 4 whole months.

Being assigned here for my internship has taught me a lot and gave me a once-in-a-lifetime experience that not many people can have. Who gets to work in a farm just like that?

I thought when JFF was assigned to be my place of internship, I would be taking care of frogs every day, checking on their health, etc. But my job scope didn’t have much to do with the care of frogs! Instead, it revolved around events like tours, office work, online work and many more. Also, definitely not MY kind of desired work (especially giving tours) since I’m quite a soft-spoken and shy person. However, the facilitators at my school have spoken, and I have no choice but to have my internship here in the frog farm.

And I don’t regret not rejecting my facilitators.

The 1st week of training was for me to get familiarised with how everything works at the farm. To be honest, I think I learnt (or rather, memorised) the content of the tours rather fast, and I gave my very first tour just that week. Chelsea was with me to help me along if I met with any difficulties, and sure enough, I did. In the very first portion of the tour which is the ‘history of the farm’, I blanked out. It was most probably due to nervousness from talking to a big group of people (10 people was considered big to me at that time) because I’ve never done tours before! But the both of us finished the tour nicely, and the tour group offered me lots of words of encouragement to boost my confidence level.

As the weeks went past, my confidence level in giving tours went up as my knowledge of the content became more drilled into me and also as I become more used to talking to large groups of people. About 1 month into my work, I could give tours to large groups of 40 people without flinching a limb or batting an eyelid. I could safely say that at that point of time, I was a much more confident girl than I was 1 month ago.

All in all, never did I think I would EVER work in a farm for slimy and green amphibians which brings screams to squeamish girls terrified of these lovely creatures. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I’m sure I will exit this place an entirely different girl than from 4 months ago.


Signing off,
Froglette 🙂

JFF Collaboration with Bollywood Veggies & Gardenasia!

JFF will be joining forces with Bollywood Veggies and Gardenasia to make the most unforgettable tour experience you’ll ever have!

For the collaboration with Bollywood Veggies, you’ll be able to interact with the little froggy friends while experiencing the best of nature. Also, there will be a cosy farm-style lunch served at the end of the tour. Don’t miss out on their famous banana cake! This tour is targeted towards everybody of all ages. Click to find out more about this tour!

For the collaboration with Gardenasia, you’ll be able to learn about the life cycle of both a plant and a frog! This tour is targeted more towards preschoolers and primary school kids. Click to find out more about this tour!