Kampung Spirit!

Kampung Spirit article

It’s great to have neighbours! JFF is very closely knitted with other farms here in the countryside, and this keeps our kampung spirit alive!!

Read about our kampung spirit very much thriving in LCK on The Straits Times today (Home, B10)!! Online version here.

FRACTS #9 – Frogs = Toads?? No!

Frogs cannot be called toads, BUT toads can be called frogs! Did you know that?? This is because the word ‘frog’ is a generic term for the whole family, and a ‘toad’ is classified under the frog family. There are actually many differences between a frog and a toad! Look at the picture comparison of a toad and a baby frog below, and see how many differences you can spot!

Top: Frog Bottom: Toad See the difference between them? Look at their hind legs and skin texture.
Top: Baby frog
Bottom: Toad
See the difference between them? Look at their hind legs and skin texture.

These are the differences between a toad and a frog! Did you manage to spot all their physical differences?

  • Have wet, smooth skin that looks slimy because of the moist environment that it lives in; it doesn’t need to face harsh land conditions.
  • Need to live near/in water for survival
  • Have a narrow body which allows for faster movement, and eyes that bulge
  • Have long webbed hind legs for swimming and high jumping
  • Lay eggs in cluster


  • Have dry, rough and warty skin because of harsh conditions on land
  • Don’t have to live near water to survive
  • Have a wide and fat body
  • Have short, stout unwebbed hind legs because they walk instead of jumping and have no need to swim since they live on land.
  • Lay eggs in strings

Frogs that are really frogs are also known as “true frogs”, and likewise, toads that are really toads are also known as “true toads”.

Hope I have enlightened all of you a little about the differences between true frogs and true toads!

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A new change!

JFF’s newly designed and refurbished webpage for a better web surfing experience is finally ready!

You may now enjoy shopping for fresh farm produce on our mobile commerce platform. Payment can be made via credit card, and itineraries of our newly revamped Frogology Tours can also be found  under “Book a Tour” with a few swipes of your fingers.

Buying online eg. Frozen Whole Frog Meat
Buying online eg. Frozen Whole Frog Meat

Be sure to join us on our Facebook page if you want to be kept in the loop!

JFF will be moving out in 2017!

JFF has both a bad and good news to share!
The bad news is, our lease will not be extended. This means that JFF will have to move out of this current beautiful plot of land by June 2017!!

Certainly, we experienced the 5 stages of grief when we received news like this, but this is something we can’t bargain ourselves out of, so getting angry or depressed is not the way to go.

However, the good news is, JFF turns 33 years old today!! So this weekend we’re going to have some fun activities for families and special deals. Be sure to read all about it on another blog post, titled “JFF’s 33rd anniversary celebration!!!”.


– Froglette

JFF’s 33rd anniversary celebration!!!

JFF has turned 33 years old yesterday, on 29th October!! It’s incredible to see the growth of this farm in the last decade, attracting countless Singaporeans and also overseas visitors! JFF has come a very long way, having shifted from Old Jurong Road to Lim Chu Kang  in 1994, and also opening up to the public from being a private farm since the early 1990s! That’s amazing! To be honest, I didn’t know about JFF until I was assigned to come here for my internship. When I was first brought here by my facilitator, I didn’t expect it to be such a quaint and tranquil place. I was expected it to be quite noisy with frogs croaking every where!

To celebrate our 33rd birthday, we’re going to have a few activities and bundle deals at our farm on the weekend of our anniversary week, on the 1st & 2nd November.
1. With every entry into the tadpoles’ pen (30 mins/ $6), you may choose from our beautiful royal headband to take home as a keepsake!
2. Next, Frogician and I will do face painting for both children and adults. You get to choose from the many designs you will like on your face!
3. Only for this Sunday, we will have our barbecued exotic range of meat for sale too. Our BBQ skewers have proven to be very popular during the Farmers’ Market, so we’re bringing it back again on this very special occasion. Be sure not to miss it this time if you didn’t manage to catch us during Farmers’ Market!

Note that JFF opens from 9am – 5.30pm, to the general public only on weekends and public holidays and from Tuesday – Friday to appointment bookings and tour reservations only. Come down to the farm this weekend to celebrate JFF’s 33rd birthday with us!! Hope to see all of you!! 🙂

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