1 week stint at JFF

21 year old, Ms Ong Yi lun, was assigned to JFF by SP as a special project observer. This stint includes a 1 night stay at the farm. Read about her exprience below!

“The short stay at JFF was a fun & an experience of a lifetime. Instead of hanging out with friends on the weekends, i was surrounded by the croaking frogs~ Getting my hands and feets dirty, wadding in the pond catching the frogs proved to be no easy feat even for a 21 year old!
What’s so interesting about this farm? You must be thinking… What else? Of course it will be FROGS! That’s right! FROGS are everywhere! In the ponds, shop, magazines and even on your plates! But then again, not only do they sell products on frogs, but actually CROCODILE meat and VENISON! Can you believe that? That’s definitely something new & worth a try. ^^

Ok. Enough of the frogs~ The other thing that one cannot miss will be the friendly, helpful, young lady boss & her assistant! Their cheerful & outgoing personalities really brightens up every single day. Along, comes their loyal companion dogs, Bobby & Puppy with their energetic barks & playfulness. 😀

Frog Porridge Anyone??

YES.. for the Proteach Education Group.. These young learners were sanguine about eating these delicious Gong Bao frog porridge even after holding and feeding the frogs! RESPECT! 

Thank you Proteach for your continual support to our farm programmes!

Maris Stella High School

indeed lives up to its name. The boys were a stellar bunch and were in extremely high spirits when they thronged the frog farm!! It was a jam-packed 3 hours session with over 300 boys. Boys being boys, bound to be bouncing and hopping everywhere! Hope they are still able to retain the knowledge they have learnt here!!

Our date with Riverlife Kindergarten

marked a great start to MARCH! Even though they are only Kindergarten 2 students, they breeze through each of the stations with ease; picking up words like amphibians and metamophosis along the way. They even ask questions (which they had prepared from home) like, ‘Do frogs have suction cups on their webbed feet?’ and ‘ Why are frogs useful to us?’ Pheww… Luckily, as frog-o-logists, we are always prepared for the inquisitive ones!