Hoppin’ Good Time

and a Fresh Perspective from the P3 students from Red Swastika School. Their students always impress us with their inqusitivity!

One student asked if Lim Chu Kang is near the airbase and the noise pollution from the jets training causes a stressor to the frogs, then why are we located here? Another was concerned with whether the frogs are getting enough nutrients from the fish pellets?

It is always heartening, as a farm guide, to be able to get these young children to think deeper and look beyond the surfaces. If you ask me, i’ll definitely be giving these children an A for their cognitive assessment in this visit!

Where did the frog prince go after he was chased out of his castle?

“To the FROG FARM!”

The teachers and parents helpers burst into laughter after a student from the German European School shouted out that answer.

Why is there a frog prince in the first place?

We’ve got a new program for pre-schoolers and the German European School was the lucky first to experience it. The tour kicked off with a magical tale about a prince who gets stuck in an awkward and ultimately revelation-inspiring situation. Next on the itinerary was a sing-along. The kids were engrossed in the session and the song was so catchy that even the teachers found themselves singing along.

After the morning tour:

Reflection Time!!!

The school children were a bundle of joy to bring around the farm and we hope to see them again soon!

And so,

Where did the Frog Prince go?

Visit us at the farm to find out! 🙂

Till then, keep loving nature!