Dear all visitors, we are closed to the public from the 1st of February to start the reinstatement of the land to SLA. While the farm will be permanently close, our online shop remains open and there will be no disruption to the supplies. Please do take note that we have sold out the cooked version of Minced American Bullfrog Meat 300g and that only RAW UNCOOKED Minced meat will be for sale now. Please kindly take note of this change in product type. Thank you for your support to our Family farm. 

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Make it a gormandizing weekend or public holiday for your family! Come inside our Royal Frog Shop to gratify your palates from an assortment of delicacies. At the top of the menu is our very own Cajun buttermilk frog meat. Then there are those crocodile nuggets and our equally popular frog skin chicharrons!