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Plano App

Managing kids screen time is becoming a real concern for many parents. We want to share a great mobile app with you: plano helps make sure kid’s smart device use is safe, healthy and balanced. The plano app also monitors myopia risk factors in young children, and was created with the support of two of…

Kampung Spirit!

It’s great to have neighbours! JFF is very closely knitted with other farms here in the countryside, and this keeps our kampung spirit alive!! Read about our kampung spirit very much thriving in LCK on The Straits Times today (Home, B10)!! Online version here.

Frogs are entering mainstream western/ fusion restaurants in Singapore!

If you haven’t already noticed, frog legs are slowly hopping into our mainstream menu! Restaurants like The Halia and Saveur have added these nutritious and delicious hoppers this year and used creative cooking methods to bring out the sweetness and tenderness of this meat! Check out their menus and make your reservation now!…

Relinquish from the Bustling City

into the countryside; Yes! Singapore’s Countryside! Did you know that during the 60’s, there were 20,000 farms on more than 14,000 hectares of land in Singapore?! I was born the last batch of babies of the 80’s and by then, Singapore has very much developed and progressed into a vibrant city! HDBs were constantly designed…

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